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Dec 7, 2013 1:00am PST
anybody who had stuck by him personally and by the anc, the african national congress, his party, during his long 27 years in prison and castro did and mandela never forget it. >> reporter: in 1964, mandela and other anc leaders faced the death penalty accused of trying to over throw the government by force. >> we believed that the death sentence was going to be passed on some of us, and that is how we should be mortals and disappear under a cloud of glory. >> reporter: mandela, the revolutionary found common purpose with socialist, communist and other revolutionary leaders like gaddafi. >> cuba, iran, all my friends and i propose to honor that friendship. i welcome the friendship with the united states of america and other powers. >> reporter: the united states put mandela on the terror watch list. it wasn't until 2008 that president george w. bush removed him from it. what did mandela think of being called a terrorist? >> i tell other people who say those struggling for operation as a terrorist, i tell them that i was also a terrorist yesterday, but today i'm admired by the very people
Dec 5, 2013 10:00pm PST
public mostly anc memorial service at the local soccer stadium here in johannesburg where the football world cup final was held. some heads of states, perhaps barak obama will attend that. then we will see three days of lying in state. 2340u what will be symbol ec about that is that he will lie in state at the steps of the union building in nearly the same place where he took his oath of office to become the first democratically elected president. once that process is over on day nine essentially of this program, he will be flown by military aircraft along with the elders vip political figures and his family, which is large, they'll be flown down to his hometown and then the military, the state will effectively hand over his body, his coffin, his casket to the family at the get as of the homeinstead, i think from what we understand there will be a shift from moving the south african flag to putting a blanket over his casket, which will symbolize him coming home to his ancestral land. then there will be atate funeral in the ground of his ancestral home in the hills where he walked and p
Dec 10, 2013 1:00am PST
ring of the anc told us how he forced us to learn it and when he came out he did extraordinary things. he went to visit the widow of the occutade. he went to one of these white only ghettos. >> he had tea with her! >> some people say you went too far. ed people have criticized me but we see the results. we have peace. >> i want to bring in rick stengel who spent so many times with nelson mandela over the years. . that sometime in prison, many have described it as a university for anc. a time in which 27 years, they had time on their side. they could discuss endlessly and they would. they would often, my understanding, every day, they were in line and they would hold discussions and debate things constantly. what did mandela say about his time in robben island in those terms? >> they referred to it as the university, anderson. you're right. they reinforced each other and kept themselves together. they were always trying to teach each other and they had these very famous debates. one of which i remember mandela saying with some sense of humor was whether the tiger was indigenous
Dec 5, 2013 5:00pm PST
remember going to a lot of anc funerals and ifc funerals -- >> very touch and go. >> given that election -- >> even in the month before, two months before i remember a huge gunfight in johannesburg. >> one of the things, anderson, we walked together on a long walk of freedom that ended at his inauguration. he wanted to do another book not so much from that period to the presidency but how close south africa came to a civil war. i have to say, i don't want to -- the smirks, the reputation of mr. declerk and formed a partnership and couldn't have done it without each other. mandela in conversations with me for "a long walk to freedom" did feel betrayed during the creation of the constitution and that famous scene when they were writing the constitution he chewed out declerk. >> and declerk knows that. he said we have our spots. >>> we'll take a break quick. robin, christiane, rick, donna, stay with us. tweet about your thoughts on mandela and his massing and legacy. use hash tag ac 36 0. charty and friendship. i'll speak with mandela's group that became friends. i'll share his mem
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)